Ken’s Story

So, here’s the last part of Pastor Ken’s story (see ‘holding out hope’ below). He took my good friends Pst. Kuchio of NPC Parklands and Pst. Patrick Murunga of Good Shepherd Church with him the next morning to see the man – who apparently was in charge of security arrangements at the camp. Thankfully, they had actually postponed their revenge mission and were preparing to go that night. They even had managed to get a truck! They asked my friends if they knew where they could get extra weapons!

In Pst. Ken’s words, ‘Counseling 101 never prepared me for this!’ As the rest prayed though, Pst. Kuchio engaged the man in serious conversation about how God not only forgives us but He enables us to forgive others. Then, an amazing thing happened; not only did the man agree to dismantle his revenge mission, but he also decided to turn his life over to Christ.


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