Westward Ho

Eem, the journey to Eldoret was – dusty and backbreaking. I was glad for the signs that the road is being fixed. But that distant thought offered little comfort at the time.

Passing through Eldama Ravine, Timboroa, Burnt Forest… many of these places had IDP camps. People living in tents not far from where they once owned homes and property… We saw many homesteads that had been razed to the ground. You could still see the smoke curling lazily out of some of the ruins. A poignant moment was when one of the pastors sitting near me pointed out the home where her family had lived a little while back, just after we passed the camp where many of her family members, including her sisters, still reside.

At Timboroa, we disembarked for a few minutes. A sad memory of a whole section of houses burnt down that a little while ago were homes and hubs of business. Many in the Nakuru camp had come from this area.

It was dark by the time we drove through Burnt Forest. Mercifully the road was better. Sinister fires all over the place made it seem like the whole place was under attack. I came to understand later that most of these were from locals clearing their land for ploughing. But many on the bus claimed they saw some houses burning.

We prayed throughout most of the journey. I know people on the other buses were doing the same.

I was exhausted by the time we got to Eldoret. Physically, spiritually and emotionally.


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