Holding Out Hope

I keep reminding myself we’re not here to ‘fix’ these towns. Only to hold out hope… That if the church can work together, to care for the hurting and to build and maintain peace, then nothing will be impossible. That we’re only a catalyst. The true test of Msafara will be what happens in these places after Msafara is gone. But this is where faith comes in. I have faith that God is using our small contribution as a seed, one that He will water after we’re gone. And one that will grow into a beautiful tree that will hold our nation together in peace and justice…

Clear that there is much yet to be done. Pastor Ken of Kileleshwa Covenant Community Church told me of a young man he met at one of the camps we visited in Nakuru. His wife had been killed by militia the night before (contrary to popular belief, the Anan accord hasn’t ended the tension and killing in all parts of the country). He had gathered 100 of his friends from the camp to go back the same night on a revenge mission. Ken asked what he thought would happen next. Off course they would also come back and revenge. And the vicious cycle would continue. Someone had to break the cycle of violence. Why couldn’t it be the young man? Young man promised to think about it. Ken prayed for him. I’ll find out from Ken today whether he saw the young man again before we left Nakuru


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