On The Road

Oh my, what an amazing time we’ve had so far! Halfway across the country already and seen God doing some incredible things… Of course that explains why I’ve been offline. Early mornings and late nights with almost non-stop action in between! (For those who’ve not been keeping up with what I’m talking about, see www.msafara.co.ke). I have to say though, that God has provided a supernatural source of strength to keep the 300 going. So far, the Msafara has met all my expectations and then some!

Got to say, the giving has been awesome! Many individuals and companies have donated gift packs and other supplies. Many churches have given remarkably. One, Lighthouse Church gave over 600,000 shillings for packs while the Kenya Assemblies of God, through their bishop donated 6 tones of bottled water that we’ve really enjoyed (by the way, you need to try the brand ‘Milimani’; is the best tasting bottled water I’ve tasted so far).

I just mention those to give you a picture of the scope of giving – many others have given just as generously. and not demanded any credit for it.

I’m learning the truth of the saying, ‘its amazing how much people can get done when nobody cares who gets the credit’


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