In Naivasha

An early rendezvous (7am) saw the whole team at Nairobi Baptist Church, hauling care packs onto trucks that would be accompanying us on our trip to the west. After the logistical drama of getting everyone on the right bus, we were finally off around 10.30am, way behind schedule! Our 6 buses made it to Naivasha where we were met by a convoy of cars driven by pastors from there and led by several piki-piki outriders! The convoy dramatically made its way around the town (not our idea but it certainly had an effect!) and ended up at the ACK church where had an action packed 30 minute prayer service with the Christians there. One of our teams stayed out during the service to simultaneously unload a 12 ton lorry of food and around 1000 hygiene packs. Serious military precision… I hadn’t believed so much could be accomplished in such a short time! Very proud of the Wasafiri 300

In an earlier post, I described how divided the pastor’s fellowship had been as a result of the post-election violence. One of the people who commented on that post shared the pain her mom had felt when she realized her own pastor was in cahoots with the people who evicted her. I’m glad to say there’s been much progress in Naivasha subsequently. It was clear to see that the pastors had worked hard at coming to agreement and were working in unity. They are glad for the opportunity to serve the displaced in both camps together (like many Rift Valley towns, there are two IDP camps here – with displaced people from different ethnic groups). I see much hope for lasting peace & unity in Naivasha.

In almost no time, we were on the way to Nakuru, leaving behind a much encouraged church.


2 responses to “In Naivasha

  1. Hi Pastor M.

    I just wanted to say thanks much for the updates on the Msafara. Helps us to feel a part of what you’re all doing. As well we should

  2. Your welcome r, I’m amazed at at the technology leap that allows me to get online almost everywhere where there’s mobile network. Now if only someone could invent phone and mobile batteries that recharge from thin air!

    Notice you’ve been a little quiet this month. Hope all’s well…

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