Msafara – How Can I Get Involved?

Give – You could contribute care packs for the Internally Displaced. A care pack is a bag with some helpful toiletries for the displaced. Each gift pack will costs approximately 600/= to put together. You can mobilize your friends to give 10, 50, or a 100 care packs. Or like one of my friends did, you can get your company to donate 10,000! We are looking for 100,000 packs to give to fellow Kenyans who are displaced from their homes (see for details on what a pack looks like).

Pray –
If we ever needed to pray as Kenyans, this is the time! You can plan to attend the National Night of Prayer, this Friday (29th Feb), at the appointed location nearest you (see last post). Following this is the National Week of Fasting from Feb 30th – Mar 7th during which we are encouraging all Christians to fast & pray for Kenya. The fast can be a full-day fast, a 3 day fast, or a total weeklong fast. If you live in one of the 5 towns Msafara will be visiting, please plan to join the prayer gatherings. For example, Nairobi’s prayer gathering will take place on Monday 10th March at the KICC grounds. The target is to raise up 1,000,000 people to pray nationwide.

Come –
At each stop, volunteers will spend a day caring for, crying with and helping the internally displaced people. They will distribute gift packs, bless and pray for the hurting. During the prayer gatherings, they will be on standby to help where needed and also to pray with believers from other towns. So sign up and come! The target is to raise 200 volunteers and 100 pastors to go on the road trip together (see for details).


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