Kenyan Heroes – Hotel Bogoria?*

William Kimosop is a KWS Warden stationed in the Bogoria area. In January after the violence broke loose, he helped 865 people of all ethnic groups from the Solai area that were hiding in a ravine. Unable to report to the police or army for fear of compromised officers in both forces, he single handedly hid and protected the group, and managed to send out an appeal for help. The situation was desperate as there was no food and water; several babies were even born to women among the group. A truck from the Red Cross finally reached the group on Feb 1st. time.

William managed to get all the 865 people out of the ravine to a safer location, with the help of his government pickup truck and a few donkeys. He continued to be involved afterwards in connecting separated families.

If this is a true story, then there truly are heroes who walk among us!

I found this one on a Kenyan blog ( Can’t vouch for it’s veracity but it makes for an inspiring read!


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