Kenyan Heroes – Fearless Hospitality

During the chaos that has engulfed much of the country, Pastor Ngari’s church has provided their compound to host around 230 internally displaced people, mostly from the Rift Valley. With help from many concerned Nairobians, they have provided each family with a tent, provided food, toiletries, medicine and clothes, and turned their main church hall into a classroom where volunteer teachers give lessons daily to the numerous children. Several media stations have featured this courageous and engaged pastor.

A less known story about him though. Last week, there were many ominous rumblings from many of the areas outlying the capital city, which have a high Kikuyu population. Leaflets were found in many areas, purportedly from vigilante group Mungiki, with threats for non-Kikuyus to leave the area. This was followed by a mass exodus by many into nearby police stations and chief’s camps. Pst. Ngari realized that he needed to take action.

With the help of a friend, he mobilized a group of pastors of Kikuyu origin from some of these areas. His challenge to them… it would be tragic if they allowed their communities to become guilty of bloodshed. The pastors took the message to heart and mobilized fifty fellow pastors, challenging them to commit to become peace-makers in their communities and to protect all minority groups. Many of them have been actively working on a counter-propaganda campaign, challenging young men in their areas to resist outside influences that seek to divide their harmonious communities.

Oh that many others would follow this pastor’s lead.

Truly, there are heroes who walk among us!


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