Kenyan Heroes – When Leaders Lead*

Kimani was born and brought up in Lugari, near Eldoret, an area mostly inhabited by the Luhya and Kalenjin people. Kimani grew up speaking both Luhya and Kalenjin, and only learnt Kikuyu in college! After the major eruption of violence on Dec 30, his mother’s two buildings including the granary with the year’s produce was burned and her 8 cattle and 20 goats stolen. This act of terror was carried out by neighbors whom she had lived with harmoniously for 42 years.

Their local member of parliament, Cyrus Jirongo however decided to give leadership to his constituents. He put away his limousine and rode a bicycle to every village speaking to the people and showing them the folly of what they had done. They took the cue! They invited back mama Kimani (as well as others who had been chased away). Different members of the community, in remorse and as a sign of their repentance, took from their own produce and animals and restored what the she had lost!

We need more such actions from our leaders! Pray for an event in Nairobi on 9th Feb where a Christian organization is bringing together 200 key leaders from across the political divide to commit to healing and re-building Kenya.

In Kimani’s words, ‘my mother is now overwhelmed by the kindness of the people she has lived with for 42 years. On a phone call to her this morning she told me that she wants to live the rest of her life with them and express her gratitude to this community where love and sacrifice for each others sake has always been the way of life’

Many politicians have spoken about peace and reconciliation. Kudos to a man who chose to lead instead of talk…

Truly, there are heroes who walk among us!

*As narrated by two different sources, one who knows the MP and the other who knows Kimani…


One response to “Kenyan Heroes – When Leaders Lead*

  1. I am always reduced to tears every time I hear this story. What else can I say, other than the fact that we have amazing leaders among us!

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