Walking Our Talk

It’s been said that character is ‘who you are when no-one’s looking’. If that’s the case, what do the conversations we’ve had these last couple of weeks about the crisis our country is in with people who are ‘like us’ reveal about us?

It’s easy in times of crisis to revert to our most basic, self-protective self. When Kenyans are abroad, they cling their identity as Kenyans. At home surrounded by other Kenyans though, our ‘safe zone’ narrows down to our tribal identity. As a result, we live in virtual ghettos, filtering out other perspectives, and listening to ‘news’ that only serves to validate our perspective.

It’s sad that media houses seem to have taken positions on the issues so that ‘truth’ has become relative. It’s sadder to hear of offices and neighborhoods where a once easy camaraderie has been replaced by unspoken tension. It’s saddest to hear of churches & pastors that have supported one particular political or ethnic position and thus alienated others who are of a different background or persuasion. What a missed opportunity to model true Christianity!

It’s time we began to practice what we preach. As a Christian, I am first of all Christian, then Kenyan and then as a distant third, I gladly embrace the positive aspects of my ethnic identity (and enjoy/appreciate those of other ethnic communities as well!).


2 responses to “Walking Our Talk

  1. Dear Pastor M,
    I have said I would not post on any of the Kenyan sites because I don’t have a dog in the fight. My husband and I do however have a daughter, son-in-law and 3 young grandchildren out in the Masaai Mara as missionaries from the States. We visited your beautiful country last April and fell in love with the land AND the people.

    I only want to post to affirm you brother. You are SO right when you say you are a Christian first – a child of God. My husband and I will pray for you as you continue to stand for righteousness.

    May God have mercy on the people of Kenya during the months ahead. There are some even harder times ahead economically.

  2. Marsha, Kenya is indeed a beautiful country. There is much work ahead for all of us. Greatly appreciate your prayers!

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