The Other Side…

Genesis 1:27 ‘Go created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female

There’s a lot in the media right now about women in leadership, especially in light of our upcoming national elections. Many agree that there has been a dearth of women in Kenya’s political history, given that women make up over 50% of our populace. Opinions are split between those clamoring for affirmative action and those who think the only change necessary is one of attitude, especially among the female electorate.

Couple that with the debate about the role of our nation’s first lady and it’s clear we’ve come a long way since Beijing! I’m glad this is a front burner issue today because women bring a different perspective to any situation. And that’s not all that surprising. Any leadership context that lacks a female (or male) perspective doesn’t represent the full potential of what it means to be human – reflecting God’s nature.

Here’s hoping we have a strong woman candidate for president in 2012!


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